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Psychology lets you understand the behavioral and mental process of the human beings. Now, by understanding the same you can help them recover from their emotional or mental ailments. In fact, the very first reason to opt for psychology course would be to help people lead a normal life by overcoming their mental ailments. Enrolling into psychology courses helps you with a lot of specialization options including:

  • >> clinical psychology
  • >> forensic psychology
  • >> criminal psychology
  • >> business psychology

Spread across the country, you'll come across institutes and universitieSpread across the country, you'll come across institutes and universities like Banaras Hindu University that offers psychology courses in India. The courses are offered at the bachelors as well as at the masters' level. Usually, admission to the psychology courses depends on the eligibility criteria set by the university you are opting for. The increasing demand of the subject has widened up a variety of job opportunities as well. For instance, on successful completion of the course, you may get an exposure to different jobs like clinical psychologist, sports counselor, education psychologist, industrial and organizational psychologist, professor in psychology, etc.

MD Psychiatry Eligibility
  • >> MBBS with minimum 55% marks
  • >> Some reputed colleges and institutes do conduct entrance examinations to get admission to degree courses.

MD Psychiatry Course Suitability
  • >> Those who want to identify social, economic, enviormental, biological and emotional determinants of mental health and institute diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, preventive and promotive measures to provide holistic care to patient and good suit for it.r group and family thearipy sessions.
  • >> Candidates willing for further higher studies such as PhD also are suitable for it.
  • >> They have need to develop skills in talking with people who have disordered thinking and hallucinations and skills in working with families and with the special needs of children.

How is MD Psychiatry course Benificial?
  • >> The course is beneficial to equip the trainee with basic skills in psychiatry and scientific foundations in behavioral sciences.
  • >> The course also help to provide diagnostic, therapeutic & rehabilitative services to the mentally ill both at the institutional & community levels.
  • >> Course is also beneficial for further studies such as PhD, etc.
  • >> Psychiatrists assess and treat mental illness through a combination of psychothearapy, psychoanalisis, hospitalization and medication.
  • >> They can seek employment in regular hospitals and mental hospitals. They can set up thir own private clinics.
  • >> They can also work as counselors in large scale industries, rehabilitation centres dealing with drug, addiction, alcoholism and mental problem.

MD Psychiatry job types
  • >> Assistant professor- psychiatry
  • >> Professor / associate professor- psychiatry
  • >> Medical reprensentative
  • >> ASM/BDM/BDE -Neuro Psychiatry
  • >> Product specialist- Neurology, growth harmons.
  • >> Pharmacovigilance associate
  • >> Clinical psychologist, etc